Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I've a family of raccoons in my attic!

No kiddin', I saw 'em yesterday morning. I was headed out the back door to get my watering can to water my plants, and stopped before I opened it because I was staring straight at a pair of baby raccoons sitting on my trash can on the back deck. If I'd opened the door, I could've touched 'em--they were THAT close!

So I ran to get the camera, but it was out of batteries. All I had was my cell phone, and it only had room for two pictures. Grrrrrrr....

So once I had my cell phone ready, I got that first pic--and then Momma showed up. I watched her pull another baby out of the opening to the attic and then she carried it in her mouth up over to the rooftop.

Okay, so I printed out that second shot and gave it to Keith and Stella (my landlords), slipping it under the door just before Stella went to work. It must've made quite an impression, because Keith came over a li'l over an hour later to discuss this latest development. (;^)

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