Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We MUST remember.

I'm not feeling particularly eloquent today.

In the midst of my pity party over financial issues, my broken-down car and school pressures, I received a visual reminder of the need for a rearrangement of my priorities.

I was clearing my mind to write a paper for school by doing a li'l web-browsing. I do that a lot. Maybe too much. However, I came across Michelle Malkin's website and her tribute/coverage of the sixth anniversary of 9/11.

Yeah, it's been six years. Six years since 3,000 folks lost their lives in a grisly real-life version of Towering Inferno. Six years since New York City and the Pentagon irretrievably lost these precious souls. Six years since a visit to an elementary school was interrupted by national tragedy. Six years since impact, concussion and burning jet fuel overcame concrete, glass and steel. Six years since we saw the results of people having to make a decision to die in pieces on the pavement rather than burning to death. Six years since a brave group of passengers stopped another attack with the words, "Let's roll!" Six years since time stopped and our hearts beat as one nation. Six years since 285 million people cried with one tear.

And six years since an entire nation prayed to God with one voice.

I read a wonderful news article today in the Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo News. In the article, mention was made of making September 11 a day of service and self-sacrifice every year. I second that motion. Instead of allowing September 11 to resemble December 7 and fade out of our collective memory, we need to remember it with the things we should be doing anyway but don't.

Here's to remembering.

There is some strong language in this video, and it'll probably ruin your day. But I reckon you'll remember.


Tammie's Thoughts said...

yep, you're right...remember I will...that video is powerful; however, your words were ppowerful, too!

Rambling Psychoses said...

Thanks, Tammie! Kind words, for reals.

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