Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Broken Vessel

I've not posted in quite some time, due to getting married to a woman with two children (Carrie, Rebecca and James), and adding another child (Lex) later.

This is a piece of free verse poetry I wrote at the beginning of last year, and I'm wanting to add it to the mix here on RamblingPsychoses.

Here 'tis:

Broken Vessel

I'm a broken vessel.
Dented, battered, and cracked.
At times, a pile of pottery shards.
Yet miraculously, God allows me to hold Holy Water.

If I were a brand new vase without flaw,
I could claim that I held Holy Water with my own strength, my own abilities, my own perfect arrogance.

But God has seen fit to allow a broken jar to hold Holy Water that His perfection might be seen in my imperfection.

I often worry about springing a leak.
God is using me to sprinkle His Holy Water
and spread it around.

Our ways are not His ways. May they become so.

---Jeff Henig: 2013

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