Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weight Loss Much?

As a new member of First Day, took my first photo shoot with them in August of 2006.
I weighed roughly 203 lbs. Very opportune time to see me at my heaviest. Icky, to say the least.

Smiling, but hating all of that extra weight. For the next few years, I was yo-yo-ing down to 172, up to 195, down to 169, up to 180, down to 175, etc. Finally, when we got back from Panama a couple of months ago, I had gotten back up to 189. I think the analog scale was off, because I bought a digital scale when I got down to 175 on the analog scale and the digital scale showed me at 178.

I've spent the last two weeks between 177 and 178 at a plateau that my body refused to budge from. However, on this past Friday, I weighed in at 174. Since a couple of people noticed I'd lost some weight, I thought I'd take a picture of myself today to see if one could see a difference.

By the way, if anyone wants to know how I did it, I didn't go to Health Corps or even the Harding gym. I've been moved inside the plant at Road Systems and the past month has been excruciatingly hot. Working in a commercial cargo trailer putting in flooring. Using an air drill, impact wrench and sledge hammer--not to mention just getting in and out of the trailer--have given me both strength training and endurance/cardio training.

I'm planning on getting down to 160 lbs, which was my boot camp weight.

Pray for me. I'll need it. (Yeesh!)


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