Saturday, January 10, 2009

Benjamin Zander

Our professor showed this clip in class yesterday. I was absolutely amazed.


Nat said...

This video is really beautiful! It made me tear up...
Thanks for sharing.
I may put it on my blog too.


H said...


It's me H. I like the layout of your blog. Will come back later to view the video. The Thanksgiving thing was exceptional. My rant on Take was more to say I was so thankful for the friends I had accumulated in the military, the insult was diected at them too. And, that my wife made it to full term.

Back then the chances of a six month fetus (I prefer the words baby and infant) living were pretty much nil.

Then I was scared we were going to lose her when the doctors at the hospital first couldn't tell us what was wrong then misdiagnosed her.

Fortunately, our family doctor didn't believe them and we went to a specialist he recommended and she is doing well except for the pills.

I have a blog also, check I would like your opinion. I didn't realize you had a blog until I clicked on your handle. I know I always say Arkansas instead of Arkansan but my fingers have a mind of their own.

Hope it's ok to communicate this way, I couldn't find an email address. You can contact me at


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