Friday, May 23, 2008

Lonely Egg

I saw a robin's egg out in the front yard today. After doing some other things and thinking about this egg on the lawn, some words came to me, and I'll probably put them to music. This is my first draft, so bear with me. Man, I still don't even have a title or a chorus or a bridge...

Is this what it's like to be alone?

Is it what it's like to be on your own?

Oh, mama take me back to my home.

Because I sure don't want to be alone.

I'm rollin' here, and it's far too far

From home

Sitting here in the open green

Not too far from the city streets

Or from the frying pan into the heat

They step heavy and I'm close to their feet

I'm rollin' here, and it's far too far

From home

Did you kick me out when I fell from the nest?

Did you move my burden from upon your chest?

Does my absence maybe give you a rest?

In your trial did I not pass the test?

I'm rollin' here, and it's far too far

From home.


Dillion Mincey said...

Well gee...bit of a depressing song...oh well...depressing sells!

Tammie's Thoughts said...

Could be the begining of a depressing song, but like the Psalms, it could end with triumph in the Lord! Praise God! He is good to us and always with us...though sometimes I've wondered where He is especially in the last few months....

Carrie said...

Beautiful words!

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